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Financing Your First House

Financing Your First House
September 22, 2020 admin
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Home Buying Helping Hand: When To Buy Your First House


Buying your first home can prove to be a fruitful and exciting part of anyone’s life, with many benefits included, such as tax breaks and chances to build equity. However, finding the right time to figure out when to make your first move into buying your own house can prove to be difficult, especially given the circumstances that COVID has given us. If you’re a first time home buyer ready to make the necessary steps to securing a house, consider these tips to help better the process.

The first thing when it comes to home buying is considering what your financial status is. Stable income is a vital part of qualifying for home loans, and it helps you and your lender determine how much home you can realistically afford. Make sure to take note of your monthly income, ranging from living expenses to monthly bills and additional maintenance. Also, see how much money you can put towards a down payment, as your loan officer can help out which loan plans can fit your budget. With finances set and out of the way, figuring out where you’re going to buy your home is the next step. Knowing which area or neighborhood you find ideal can help narrow your home search. Whether you’re familiar with the place you want to live in or you’re relocating, it doesn’t hurt to at least get a tour of the place and learn as much about the layout as you can.

Afterward, take note of your credit score. Building up a healthy credit score can help you get good interest rates on your home, which can be done by paying down on your debt and utilizing other methods to boost your score. It’s best to do this before you purchase your home, allowing you to achieve the best possible interest rate for your home.

Buying your first home can be a difficult and taxing process if approached at it without any prior knowledge. At Mortgages Done Right, our team of expert brokers can help you through the process, providing mortgage advice, and helping you with any financial situations when it comes to buying your new home. Contact us today to learn more!

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