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When Can We Buy a House in Florida? Now!

When Can We Buy a House in Florida? Now!
August 7, 2020 admin
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With real estate agents across Palm Beach County becoming busier than ever, South Florida has entered a fast-paced state of increased property values and shaky stock markets amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has lead to lower prices in the home buying market.  Combine that with more than 566,000 people moving to Florida nearly every year, and now more than ever has there been a better time to invest in Florida’s current real estate. But why now specifically?


Alongside the recreational benefits that come with living in Florida, many financial benefits come with buying a home in today’s real estate environment. Low-interest rates are one, with the federal reserve slashing interest rates, allowing home buyers to purchase homes with an incredibly advantageous home loan. There’s no income and estate tax as well, with reasonable property taxes added across Palm Beach County, including Homestead exemptions, early-bird specials, and other property exemptions of the like such as families, veterans, law enforcement, and others exemptions.


While the future is uncertain for South Florida’s real estate market, buying a home in this environment is a safe and smart move. If you are ready to take your first step into buying a property of your own, call the expert brokers at Mortgages Done Right today to help you through the process and get you your dream home. And as always, stay up to date on current developments in the home buying market by visiting our website.

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